At Scruffy Fella, we know that all you guys secretly like a good candle – without all those girly smells. No one wants their man cave smelling like a bouquet of roses, or that old favourite of 3 ex girlfriends ago, Baby Powder uuugghh.

That’s where Fellaflame comes in. Candles with masculine aromas – without that floral hoohaa and the girly jars.

Candles that smell great, and don’t look out of place in your man space.

With manly packaging in 2 handy sizes for travel and home, and a range of aromas so good they’ll make your moustache curl all by itself. Fellaflame Candles are man-candles you can be damn proud to burn in your man cave, cos secretly you like things to smell good.

8 Oz tins have an approximate burning time of 40 hours, and are suitable for a medium sized living/dining room, pool room, or man cave.

Black Jar 70+ Hour Burning Twin Wick candles that look great in any space and fill a large room with your choice of aroma in no time. 

Fellaflame Candles

Fellaflame Reed Diffusers


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