Our Fellaflame candles are made with hand picked (we can't say nose picked) aromas that are bloke friendly, unisex, and quite different to your run of the mill candles.

Made from 100% Soy Wax, they are eco friendly. All our Fellaflame candles are hand poured by Nigel. Our aromas are all ones that we burn our selves and we wouldn't have it any other way. So that means no lavenders, roses, or geranium scents that you'd find at grandma's house. 

Our main line is poured into a very industrial looking black glass jar, and the lid is the base so you won't get in trouble for putting something hot on a wooden surface. The Black Jar Candles have twin wicks that ensure an even edge to edge melt while producing maximum scent throw. This means that even the largest of rooms will smell amazing...(perfect for when you are trying to impress someone special).

We also have the option of smaller black tin travel candles for you to use in your bedroom, or to take away camping. They are great for smaller spaces that need some magic added into the air. 

Enjoy responsibly and never leave a candle burning around children, unattended, those pesky cats that push everything over, or drunk adults. 

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