Beard Care

By nurturing and maintaining your beard, you can achieve a softer, more manageable look while nourishing the underlying skin.
Embrace the world of beard care and unlock a newfound appreciation for the artistry and dedication behind a stylish and healthy beard.
Scruffy Fella Logger Beard Oil

Chippie Beard Oil

Scruffy Fella Commando Beard Oil

Commando Beard Oil

Scruffy Fella Hunter Beard Oil

Hunter Beard Oil

Scruffy Fella Logger Beard Oil

Logger Beard Oil

Scruffy Fella Pitcher Beard Oil

Pitcher Beard Oil

Scruffy Fella Sparkie Beard Oil

Sparkie Beard Oil


Artisan Made Locally

We are a small business thats started in regional Victoria, Australia and have now relocated to "outback" South Australia.

Owner and Artisan, Nigel, hand makes all Scruffy Fella Beard Oils, Balms, and Butters using his own formulations.

Quality, Value, and Care are at the forefront of all our products, and we know from endless positive feedback that you will enjoy using them.

Nigel has also developed an amazing range of Fellaflame candles and home fragrancing that everyone will love to have at home. He hand pours his own candles and selects only aromas that himself, friends, and family enjoy.

Our products are tested only on Scruffy Fellas and not on animals, our oils and butters are vegan friendly.

Premium Care Tattoo Butter

Deep Nourishment | Vibrant Colors |Soothing Relief | Vegan Friendly

At Scruffy Fella, we offer a wide range of beard care products such as Beard Oils, Balms, Moustache Wax, Shampoo and Conditioner, along with an extensive collection of shaving gear and accessories.

Our shop has a unisex appeal, with a masculine twist that will please all our customers.

All our products are crafted with love and care, with the majority made onsite in Quorn to ensure the highest quality Men's Products and Home Fragrance choices.

You will also get the chance to meet Harry, the Sheepadoodle who is our "shop dog" and mascot.

Now serving Beans and Beards

Epic beards need awesome coffee!

Drop into the shop where we are now serving barista made coffee.

We love great coffee and know you do too. Come in for a browse or just a brew!

We've brought the taste from our origin town of Ballan to Quorn, and want to share our favourite beans from Karon Farm Coffee with you.

@Scruffy.Fella on Insta
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