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Nigel and Porter

From an early age Nigel developed a love of facial fur. Fascinated with staches and beards, he began his furry faced journey as soon as his own fuzz and stubble started growing in, and throughout life he has barely spent a moment without some degree of fur adorning his face. Upon joining the Navy, Nigel had to get medical clearance to grow a beard due to his skin reacting to the unfortunate requirement of daily shaving. It was at this point that he realized he was destined for beardliness.

Once Nigel decided to take the step of growing out his beard, the regular use of beard products became a staple need to alleviate the associated issues of dry skin, beardruff and uncontrollable fluffiness. After achieving a full set of facepants and being dissatisfied with the products he had been trying, he decided to make his own blends that worked well for him, and his friends that used them too.

With a background of working in the cosmetics industry and a history of making his own skin care products and soaps as a hobby, Nigel has developed his own special blends of Beard Balms and Beard Oils, giving him the requirements of moisture, hold, and shine that he needed to tame his glorious mane. Nigel is excited for you all to try and love them as much as he and his friends do.

Scruffy Fella Beard Balms and Beard Oils contain a combination of beneficial carrier oils, natural waxes, luxurious butters, and essential oils appropriate for softening and moisturising your skin and hair while giving shine and hold. They also smell really great!
Nigel knows that natural ingredients are a must so there’s nothing synthetic about our Beard Balms and Beard Oils. Each and every oil, balm, and candle is carefully handmade in small batches, poured and labelled in the rural town of Ballan, West of Melbourne at the start of the Victorian Gold Fields and Spa Country.

In addition to the men’s beard care range, we also offer our Fellaflame Candles, Soy Wax Melts, and Reed Diffusers with masculine aromas for the manliest of men (and the ladies will love them too!).
To compliment our beard products and to keep you looking your best, we have produced our own Scruffy Fella Australian Botanics Skin Care range.
After many markets and Pop-Up Shoppe locations, we listened to the requests that we had from our customers regarding Shaving Gear. So we sought out the best "Old School Classic" razors and equipment we could find and introduced it to our range in late 2018. We loved hearing from our customers that they did not want to keep throwing away plastic disposable razors and just wanted "what my Grandfather shaved with". 

2023 Move to Quorn

In 2022 / 2023 Scruffy Fella embarked on a remarkable business growth opportunity! After establishing a successful online presence, we have now expanded into a bricks and mortar store half way across the country.

This move allows us to connect with our valued customers on a more personal level, offering an immersive shopping experience they won't forget.

By bringing our meticulously crafted grooming products and expert advice to a physical location, we can engage with our new community, provide personalised recommendations, and create lasting relationships.

Our new store showcases the full range of Scruffy Fella products, allowing customers to see, smell, and experience the quality firsthand. 

Why Quorn?

Simply the opportunity was too great to refuse, We were about to buy a shop on the main street in a town with a vibrant community on a famous tourist route in the Flinders Ranges. 

We also have family in town who own and run Flinders Gin, plus the Mediterranean / Arid climate is a nice change from central Victoria.  

Scruffy Fella Store Front

Awards and News

Nigel is the proud winner of the First Prize in the Full Beard category at the third Ballarat Beard and Stache Competition 2018 and also for a second time in 2019. The competition is run by the Ballarat Beard & Moustache Union.
Read about it on the front page of the Moorabool News here.
Scruffy Fella in the Moorabool News

In 2019 Scruffy Fella was nominated multiple times to enter into the 2019 Ballan and District Chamber of Commerce's Business Excellence Awards
After submitting all of our documentation, and undergoing an interview we were very proudly awarded the winner of our category, the "Homebased and Micro-Business Award"
Winner BEA2019 Winner 2019 Business Excellence Awards

Scruffy Fella is Located in Quorn 5433 South Australia