Get more bang for your buck with our Scruffy Fella packs.

Value Packs


Clean Fella Pack
Clean your furry bits with this combo pack 1 x 250ml Beard and Hair Wash 1 x 250ml...
Groomed Fella Pack
  Groom your fur with this Vegan Friendly pack 1 x 50ml Beard Oil 1 x 100g Beard...
Big Fella Candle Pack
Choose 3 aromas of our Fella Flame 8 Oz Travel Tins For a description of our Fellaflame aromas...
Essential Fella Pack
Clean, groom and tame your fur with this pack 1 x 50ml Beard Oil 1 x 100g Beard ...
Make everything smell Great... Choose your  three  favourite aromas and save some cash. For a description of our...
A great little set for traveling, or just keeping your Mo in order.  This set contains a Moustache...
Australian Botanics Skin Care Pack
Keep your skin healthy with this pack: 1 x 150ml Foaming Gel Cleanser 1 x 100ml Hydrating Cream 1...
Travel Shaving Set
Our Scruffy Fella Travel Shaving Set is perfect for a bit of luxury on the go. The brush...