Soy Wax Melts

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID and shipping delays, most suppliers of the fragrances we use in our melts are currently out of stock, so unfortunately our stock of melts is limited for the moment.


Do you need to set a mood in your room? Our Soy Way Melts are great for a burst of fragrance when you need it to fill a room quickly, and to stay around all day. Put a single cube from a Six Pack into your tea light oil burner, or even your electric one if you are that sophisticated. 

For a description of our Fellaflame aromas please see the GUIDES section.

Are you trying to impress a special someone? - try a Better Half

Is family coming to visit? - Try a Beach Shack

Are you due for a rental inspection? Try a Bearded Dragon

There are plenty of choices at "Scruffy's Melt Bar"


Scruffy Fella - Scruff's Melt Bar

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