What is Beard Oil?

Beard Oil is a blend of conditioning oils that are essential for maintaining a healthy beard. It moisturises your face fur and the skin beneath, with the added bonus of helping to eliminate beardruff (the same as dandruff but on your face), and the itchiness associated with growing a beard.

I only have stubble, do I need to use Beard Oil?

Absolutely! Beard Oil isn’t just for the fur on your face, it’s also very beneficial for your skin too. If you’re wanting to grow a full beard then you need to keep your skin healthy underneath. The sooner you start using beard products, the better (and more healthy) your skin and beard will be. Healthy skin = healthy beard.

How often can I use Beard Oil?

We recommend using Beard Oil every day if required – up to twice per day. It really is a personal preference, but you’ll work out what works best for you.

What is the difference between Beard Oil and Beard Balm?

Beard Oil and Beard Balm both have similar properties, but there are a couple of differences. The role of Beard Oil is to give conditioning to the hair, moisturising for the skin, plus reducing beardruff and itchiness. Beard balm does all of this and more! Scruffy Fella Beard Balm contains all the beneficial carrier oils that our Beard Oil does, with the inclusion of beeswax which gives the hold factor and locks moisture in, and shea and cocoa butters for added conditioning plus they assist the balm to melt in your hands before application.

Should I be using Beard Oil or Beard Balm?

That’s totally up to you, it depends on what you want to achieve. For a beard that is 0-3 months old, you really only need to use Beard Oil. Once your beard gets more than 3 months old / 2cm long and it’s starting to look a little scruffy, you will need to introduce Beard Balm into your routine. As your beard grows longer you’ll work out your own routine and which products work best for you.

Why doesn’t the fragrance in the Beard Oil and Beard Balm last all day in my beard?

To make fragrance last longer we would need to use synthetic fragrances, however at Scruffy Fella we choose to use Essential Oils to add aroma to our products instead, which unfortunately don’t last as long as a synthetic fragrance. We have chosen to keep our Beard Oils and Beard Balms 100% natural.

What is the shelf life of Scruffy Fella products?

We make our products in small batches, so we can be sure that they are always as fresh as possible. After you open your products and introduce air into them, they will last for approximately 12 months from then.

Why has my balm started to feel "grainy"?

This can occur with the Beard Balm being kept in an environment that is warm and humid (bathrooms and warm locations) and is absolutely normal with products that contain shea butter. This will not affect the efficiency of the product at all. If you prefer your Beard Balm to be completely smooth again then simply melt it down with a hair dryer and let it set again and it’ll be as good as new!

Where can I buy Scruffy Fella products?

We are currently only available online at the moment. We will be expanding to local markets and stockists soon. If you are interested in stocking our products please Contact Us.