Beard Butters

Scruffy Fella Beard Butter

Scruffy Fella Beard Butter is  the newest product in our beard grooming range, and another addition to our Vegan Friendly products!

Our Beard Butter is a rich and creamy vegan friendly formulation, containing a selection of only the best butters and oils to keep your beard hydrated and frizz free, and your skin in top condition. Beard Butter is a fantastic addition to our range as it sits nicely between our Beard Oil and Beard Balm, so it’s a great option if you find an oil too light and a balm too heavy.

We’ve also included Papaya Extract which has exfoliating properties that remove the appearance of dead skin and has been known to assist in reducing inflammation and healing skin conditions. It’s the perfect addition to your beard grooming routine if you suffer from beardruff, or dry underbeard skin.

What’s the difference between a Beard Balm and a Beard Butter?

Beard Balms generally contain waxes such as Beeswax and tend to give a little more control when styling your beard, while Beard Butters are much softer in texture and their main purpose is to hydrate the beard and underbeard skin.

While Beard Balm is generally considered the styling product for beards, we’ve found our butter still gives a good amount of hold and is great for all beard lengths.

Tell me more about your aroma options. 

View a larger version of our Scruffy Fella Aroma Guide for a detailed explanation of our aromas.

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