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Our Scruffy Scrubby Loofah is an all natural and sustainable product, used to scruff your dead skin cells from your body to make your skin as smooth as a the day you were born. Use with our Bloke Soak and Hand and Body Wash.

Choose either a Single Scruffy Scrubby or a Twin Pack to share.


  • Soak in hot water for 30 minuted before first use
  • Moisten your loofah under warm water in the shower
  • Add one pump of Scruffy Fella Hand and Body Wash
  • Gently rub the loofah against your skin in circular motions
  • Rinse your loofah after each use.
    • Use hot clean water, making sure all the wash is gone
  • Ensure loofah is left to hang and air dry in a well ventilated spot away from moisture
  • Toss your loofah into the compost after a month and replace


The Scruffy Scrubby  is approximately 8cm long and 6cm diameter - as these are a natural product sizes may vary by a small amount.

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