Premium Shaving Set



Scruffy Fella’s Premium Rosewood Shaving Pack combines all your necessary shaving gear to give you the closest, and most pleasurable shave for years to come.

Set includes:

  • Rosewood Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush
  • Rosewood Double Edge Safety Razor
  • Rosewood and Chrome Shaving Stand
  • Steel Alloy Shaving Bowl
  • Scruffy Fella Goat’s Milk Shaving Soap, and a
  • 10 pack of safety blades to get you started on your “old school” shaving journey

This set comes packaged in a gift box and makes the perfect gift for any Scruffy Fella that wants to upgrade their shave, or if you really want to spoil yourself

Rosewood Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush
Knot Size: 20mm
Loft: 55mm
Height: 50mm handle / 105mm total height
Weight: 120g

Rosewood Double Edge Safety Razor:
Height: 130mm
Weight: 68g

Rosewood Shaving Stand:
Height: 170mm
Weighted base for stability

Steel Alloy Shaving Bowl
Inside Diameter: 75mm

120g Scruffy Fella Goat’s Milk Shaving Soap
10 x disposable razor blades

Care Instructions:

Like any timber products, your rosewood shaving set need to be maintained and cared for. Think of that expensive chopping board that needs to be oiled to prevent from drying out and cracking, or your decking outside that needs a good oil to protect and keep it looking it’s best.

Scruffy Fella recommends that you keep the timber parts of your set oiled or polished with a beeswax based furniture polish to keep it looking it’s best. An easy way to tell if it is due for another dose of oil or polish is to run a wooden part under running water. If the water runs straight off (like water off a duck’s back) then it still has a coating of oil/polish on it. If the water appears to slightly absorb into the wood, it’s time for another coating of oil/polish again, repeat as needed. A warm hairdryer will also assist when applying an oil to keep your gear looking fantastic for a long time.

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