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Look out for our banner and come say hi

Scruffy Fella goes to market!... yes we have a Pop-Up Shoppe that can be seen at market days and fairs where you can come and talk to us, smell our great products and learn from the best. 

 Scruffy Fella accepts Credit Cards with Square at our Pop-Up Shoppe Scruffy Fella accepts Credit and EFTPOS Chip Cards
with Square at our Pop-Up Shoppe Pop-Up

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The Scruffy Fella Pop-Up Shoppe

Lookout for our distinctive banner and flags at market. You can come and smell our aromas and fragrances, or test out our products all while getting first hand instruction on how to get the best out of your purchase from Nigel, who not only uses Scruffy Fella and Fellaflame products, but makes them! It is a great way to pick your new personal favourite.

Scruffy Fella Pop Up Shoppe