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  • Fella Flame by Scruffy Fella

    Fella Flame by Scruffy Fella

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    Fella Flame Selection Guide

  • Scruffy Fella - Nigel

    Scruffy Fella - Nigel


Fellaflame candles are masculine candles with manly packaging in 2 handy sizes for travel and home. Fellaflame Candles are man-candles you can be damn proud to burn in your man cave, cos secretly you like things to smell good.

8 Oz tins have an approximate burning time of 40 hours, and are suitable for a medium sized living/dining room, pool room, or man cave.

Our signature Black Jar has 330 gms of pure eco friendly Soy Wax fragranced with aromas you will love to have burning in your unit, flat, man cave, house, or living area. They are great in a large room and have a twin wick to really throw the aroma out. Once the candle starts to burn down, you will see the flames flicker through the translucent glass. Hint - the lid can be turned over and used as a base for your candle to help protect delicate furniture underneath it.

Reed Diffusers

Can’t be bothered lighting a candle every day? Get yourself a Reed Diffuser!

Take these babies out of their box, put the sticks in and you’re ready to go.

Flip the reeds over every week or so to give your man space another burst of fragrance, or before you have visitors. They’ll think you’re classy with your totes masc smelling house.

Wax Melts

Have you ever tried to be classy and zen by using essential oils in an oil burner, only to forget about them and have the oils burn? Love the idea of it but don’t want the responsibility of having to remember to top the oil burner up with water?

To all you forgetful fellas out there, try our FellaFlame Soy Wax Melts. Pop out a chunk and chuck it in your oil burner, light your tealight candle and you’re done.

Each cube from the Six Pack should give you a full day of manly aroma. Once the aroma disappears, let the wax harden and scrape it out of your oil burner and into the bin.

Want to try out a variety of our different aromas? Try the melt shots.

Don’t have an oil burner? We’ve got them here… When you purchase one of our oil burners you get 2 x melt Six Packs complimentary.


All the bits to go with your Fellaflame gear.