Bamboo Toothbrush

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Join the Eco-Friendly bathroom movement by using a biodegradable toothbrush made of bamboo for the handle and nylon bristles. 

All toothbrushes are SOFT, just like your dentist will recommend and are very comfortable to use with a rounded handle. 

Don't throw away a plastic handle that takes decades to break down, use a bamboo one that you can compost or recycle. Simply either pull the bristles out with pliers when finished, or snap the head off and only throw away the nylon. The bamboo can go straight into your compost bin or worm farm to break down.

Plenty of colours to choose from so each adult in your family can have a different colour, or just pick your favourite for yourself. 

Add in a Bamboo Stand to keep your brush upright and able to air dry so that your basin remains clean and tidy. Stands are sold as a separate option to this item.

Buy a 6 pack - Get one toothbrush of each colour for $28 ($36 if bought individually) as a set and save 22%. Only valid if the "Six Pack" option is added to your cart.

If you want more than one, or a stand, simply keep selecting the item and adding it to your cart with the different choice.

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