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Keeley's Cause Easter Egg Hunt 31st March

Keeley's Cause Easter Egg Hunt - Ballan Racecourse (facebook event details)

Keeley's Cause Easter Egg Hunt

Scruffy Fella is proud to support this great initiative by announcing a special Keeley's Cause Candle . 

Keeley's Cause Candle - Barista

Two beautiful aromas to choose from: Barista is an Espresso based aroma that one sniff of will get you going for the day, and Sweet Chai is a sweet and warm aroma, perfect to give you comfort for those wintery months ahead.

These candles have been made specially for Keeley’s cause and are in limited supply. They will be available for purchase from the boys at Scruffy Fella for $30, where $15 of the sale goes directly to Keeley’s cause.

Scruffy Fella Donation - Keeley's Cause Easter Egg Hunt Pack

Scruffy Fella will also be donating a great pack to Keeley's Cause for the Easter Egg Hunt and there’s something for everyone in this pack valued at $160. Beard products, skin care and home fragrance.

More details about Keeley's Cause can be found on their website at , or on their facebook page here.

Keeley's Cause banner


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